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The 3 DOs and DON’Ts of your Dental Practice Website

No matter how you choose to build your website, you will have substantial control over your website. If you’re already spending the money, make sure you’re maximizing your dollar by avoiding some simple mistakes!

DON’T make it hard for your patients to reach you. Many patients will come to your site primarily to get a phone number, address or directions and the longer they have to look for this information, the more likely they are to leave the site without calling you.

INSTEAD Make sure your phone number, email and physical address are prominent on the first page of your site. Using an appointment request/scheduler is a great way to go that extra step and meet your patients where they already are (your home page!).

DON’T Include too much personal information on your website. Your website isn’t a great place for family photos, political opinions or your life story. Of course, all these are a part of what makes you great, but remember that your website will primarily serve as a first impression, and anything you put up that makes you look less professional could lose you valuable business.

INSTEAD Make sure you have a professional headshot and a great write up of your professional qualifications in order to project a business-savvy image. The real you will shine through when your new patients meet you and you are able to connect with them on a personal level.

DON’T Take colors lightly. Even if vibrant fuchsia is your absolute favorite color, it may not be the best choice for your dental practice. Many bright colors (especially pinks and purples) can be seen as casual and almost flippant – so think twice when choosing your dental practice’s color templates.

INSTEAD Choose a color that you like, that also presents the image you want potential patients to see. Some widely held beliefs on website colors and the positive emotions they evoke:

Red – action, power, energy, speed

Orange – adventurous, risk-taking, vibrant, flamboyant

Yellow – cheerful, happy, playful, fun

Green – growth and vitality, renewal and restoration

Blue – loyalty, trust and integrity

Purple – unusual and individual, creative and inventive

Take it from the tech gurus in Silicon Valley – if you care about the long term costs to your practice and projecting a consistently savvy image to your patients, find a great website service like TurnKey Dentist that you can subscribe to and enjoy the benefits of managing your online presence in the cloud


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