Summertime Savings on Septocaine Anesthetic

As the summer of 2012 draws to a close, Septodont is offering some big savings on their Septocaine Anesthetic. As an NDC Dealer, we have an exclusive offer on Septocaine and OraVerse (Anesthetic Reversal Agent). Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

NDC Dental Exclusive Promotion
Buy 5 boxes of Septocaine and 1 box of OraVerse (10 pack) and receive 1 box of OraVerse Free!* (a $110 value)

National Promotion
Buy 10 boxes of Septocaine Anesthetic, Get 1 box Free!* (a $52 value)

Septocaine 1 : 100,000  #SEPS01-A1400   $ 42.45
Septocaine 1 : 200,000  #SEPS01-A1200   $ 42.45
OraVerse  (10 pack)        #SEPO-99210        $ 93.00

To order, call 1-800-482-5539 x 107

Specials valid through September 30, 2012
* Free goods ship with your order.


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    This could be very useful
    Tnx for information 🙂

    PS keep up the good work

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