About Us

Valley Dental Supply was established in 1927 in Los Angeles by M.A. “Mike” Herman as a sole proprietorship. He was joined in 1933 by R.L. “Bob” Slater who became a partner in the business in 1945. In 1948 the business was moved to North Hollywood, and began increasing in size with the addition of new sales people.

With the passing of the Mike Herman in 1972, Bob Slater became full owner,and then once again moved Valley Dental in the mid 1970’s to it’s present location in Burbank. Then in 1987 four of the salesmen, the current owners, purchased Valley Dental Supply Inc.

In 1995, Valley Dental continued its growth by adding a branch in Phoenix, Arizona to service the needs of the ever growing southwest.

In 1997 Valley Dental Supply opened a branch in Orange County, California.

2005 saw the opening of a branch in San Diego, California.

In 2009, Valley Dental Supply became a member of NDC Dental, a subsidiary of the NDC Corp.

VDSI has kept it’s philosophy of honest and personal service to it’s clientele, along with a commitment to progress and competitive pricing.

Thank You for your support and we look forward to serving you in the future.


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  1. Linda (Slater) Harrington on

    Top photo – Bob and Irene Slater in front row
    Mike Herman in vest standing on right side
    Linda Slater

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