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Get a Denticator ProphyPal Hygiene Handpiece FREE

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Buy 3-  500 count boxes of Denticator Prophy Angles,
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Summer Savings Are Here!

Our 3rd Quarter Promotions book is now available for a FREE Download.

There are lots of great promotions from our manufacturer partners.

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3M ESPE Impression Material – Exclusive Offer

What better way to kick off the summer than with some sizzling specials from 3M ESPE on their impression material.

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This is the best offer on impression material we have seen from 3M ESPE in many years and probably won’t see again anytime in the near future. Now is a great time to take advantage of this offer and stock up. Download the flyer with the qualifying products here.


This offer is good July 1 – August 31, 2013

To place an order, see your local Valley Dental representative, or call 800-482-5539 x 107

Premier Two Striper Diamond Promo

In honor of Premier Dental’s 100th Anniversary, we are teaming up with them on a Two Striper Diamond promotion. These are some very aggressive deals not seen before and will likely not be seen again for some time.

20 + 10 Free    –     10 + 3 Free     –     5+1 Free

Download the free Premier Two Striper Diamond chart, pick your favorite diamonds and start enjoying the savings! At least download the diamond chart…it’s great for reference.


To place an order, call 800-482-5539 x 107

This promo is good May 1 – June 30, 2013

Volo Disinfecting Wipes…Special Promotion


When You Need to Disinfect…Go Big!

Sized to fit your hand, and the job perfectly.

19% larger than other wipes..
6″ x 8″ vs 6″ x 6.75″

If you haven’t tried Sultan Healthacare’s Volo Disinfecting wipes, now is your chance and we have a special promotion just for you…Buy 4, Get 1 Free!*

# SUDV90100  $11.25 tub of 150 wipes

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Offer valid April 22-May 17, 2013  Limit one offer per office.


10 Things to Remember About Handpiece Maintenance – Free Download

The fine folks at KaVo Dental have put out a great piece (pdf) called “10 Things to Remember About Handpiece Maintenance” and is available as a free download. We suggest that you download it and keep it in your sterilization area for your staff to reference.  As always, if you have any questions regarding handpiece maintenance or repair, please give us a call at 800-482-5539 x 107 and we can answer any questions you may have.


What You Need to Know About the Medical Device Tax

As part of the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) that was signed in 2010, the Medical Device Excise Tax will take effect on January 1, 2013.  The 2.3% excise tax will be collected and reported by the manufacturers of the devices. The word “device” is misleading as to what items will actually qualify for the tax.

The provisions of the excise tax on medical devices rely almost entirely on the definition of medical devices provided by Section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Act to determine which devices are taxable. The tax will apply to devices that are intended for human use and will include dental instruments, dental equipment, and research-use-only devices.

After doing some research on the matter, it seems that just about everything that you use in your dental office, will fall under this tax…burs, composites, impression material, bonding agents, etc…you get the point.

We have been getting letters from just about every dental manufacturer over the last few weeks stating that they will be instituting a 2.3% price increase on January 1, 2013 to cover the excise tax. Many have also informed us of their annual price increase as well, in some cases we are looking at increases of 4-7%.

While there isn’t much you can do to avoid paying the tax via price increases, you can be pro-active over the next 6 weeks. Here are a few ideas…

1. If you are planning to upgrade your existing equipment, add digital sensors, etc., consider getting it put into service before December 31, 2012. Not only will you avoid the 2.3% tax, you will be able to take advantage of Section 179’s increased allowances for 2012.

To take advantage of this deduction, your Section 179 Qualified Financing and your equipment must be in place on or before December 31, 2012.

2012 Deduction Limit = $139,000
Section 179 Deduction limit after adjustment for inflation has increased to $139,000 (maximum allowance would have been only $25,000 prior to the new legislation).

2012 Limit on Capital Purchases = $560,000
Section 179 Threshold for total of equipment & software that can be purchased has increased to $560,000 (threshold would have been only $200,000 prior to the new legislation).

Courtesy of

2. Stock up on your dental supplies before the end of the year. You will not only save paying the tax, but you will get those items at 2012 prices. That is a 4-7% savings…you wont make that on your money sitting in the bank. We are suggesting 3-6 months worth, depending on your finances and storage space.

We suggest you consult  your tax professional regarding Section 179.

This week, leading executives from a broad coalition of medical technology companies, physician groups, venture capital firms and leading associations submitted a letter to Senate leadership urging policymakers to repeal the onerous medical device tax that threatens U.S. jobs, medical innovation and patient care.

Here are some good resources on the Medical Device Tax

Dental Industry: Prepare for New Medical Device Excise Tax in 2013

IRS: Medical Device Excise Tax: Frequently Asked Questions

Obamacare details coming soon for device tax, hospital payments, requirements for exchanges
Medical Device Manufacturers Association

Year End Savings!

As we approach the end of 2012 (is it really Oct. 17???), now is the time to start thinking about any year-end equipment purchases (Section 179 reduction in 2013 and the new 2.3% Medical Device Excise Tax (MDT) that goes into effect on January 1, 2013)

You may also want to consider purchasing supplies in 2012 to save on manufacturer’s price increases and on many items, the Medical Device Excise Tax.

Below is our Year End Savings book that is filled with some great offers from our manufacturer partners. Be sure to see the Closeout/Overstock section. We have found may items that we are looking to move at some rather aggressive prices. The closeout/overstock items are limited quantities and while supplies last.

Download Our Year End Savings Book Here

Summertime Savings on Septocaine Anesthetic

As the summer of 2012 draws to a close, Septodont is offering some big savings on their Septocaine Anesthetic. As an NDC Dealer, we have an exclusive offer on Septocaine and OraVerse (Anesthetic Reversal Agent). Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

NDC Dental Exclusive Promotion
Buy 5 boxes of Septocaine and 1 box of OraVerse (10 pack) and receive 1 box of OraVerse Free!* (a $110 value)

National Promotion
Buy 10 boxes of Septocaine Anesthetic, Get 1 box Free!* (a $52 value)

Septocaine 1 : 100,000  #SEPS01-A1400   $ 42.45
Septocaine 1 : 200,000  #SEPS01-A1200   $ 42.45
OraVerse  (10 pack)        #SEPO-99210        $ 93.00

To order, call 1-800-482-5539 x 107

Specials valid through September 30, 2012
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Early Leaders of the Dental Industry

We came across a few old photos that we thought we would share and see if we can identify any of the people in the photos. We think they are from ADTA (American Dental Trade Association) or DMA (Dental Manufacturers of America) meetings. Judging by the way the people were dressed in the photos, we are estimating the time to be mid to late 1940’s. As for the location, we are not sure, but possibly Palm Springs, Ca. If you can identify anyone in the photos, please leave a comment or send an email to

L-R Bob Slater (Valley Dental Supply), Cliff Guggenheim (Guggenheim Dental Supply), other 2 are unidentified.